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A more beautiful resting place

Continue the cycle of life when your ashes are mixed with soil and returned to the base of your tree.

A personal memorial ceremony

Your forest steward will help shape a memorial ceremony that reflects your unique personality.

A legacy of protected landscapes

Your memorial helps conserve open spaces and reforest America.

What is the Memorial Trees for Heroes program?

Their “Memorial Trees for Heroes” initiative gives frontline heroes a serene resting place, a personalized memorial service and a legacy of conservation. The company is first offering memorial trees from its protected coastal Mendocino County forest, where families of fallen frontline workers across the country may enroll to reserve a tree. The Memorial Trees for Heroes initiative provides up to $1 million worth of memorial trees to healthcare providers, caregivers and first responder professionals who gave their lives in the fight against COVID-19 at no cost.

The offer aims to give frontline heroes the legacy reflective of the brave sacrifice they’ve made and to help provide some solace for grieving families and loved ones. Funeral and memorial planning can be an incredibly stressful and expensive endeavor. The average traditional burial costs around $8,755, and we hope to ease the burden and cost of planning a memorial for your hero.

It’s our small way of saying thank you for your hero’s incredible service to our country.

What is Better Place Forests?

Better Place Forests offers private memorial trees in a protected conservation memorial forest. Ashes are mixed with soil and returned to the base of the tree during a personalized memorial ceremony, where a customized bronze memorial marker is placed. To learn more about the process, click here. Memorial trees offer frontline heroes a peaceful resting place, a personalized memorial service and a legacy of conservation.

You can schedule a free online tour to guarantee a spot in our Litchfield Hills forest

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Our serene coastal California forest features stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Point Arena, California

Where are the memorial trees located?

We’ll begin by offering trees to frontline heroes in our coastal California forest in Mendocino county. 

To serve areas most impacted by COVID-19, we are seeking to expand to heavily impacted states like New York.

We want to help covid19 impacted areas


Can I apply if I don’t live in California?

Yes the Memorial Trees for Heroes is for healthcare providers, caregivers, and first response professionals across America. 

The timeline for memorial services in Point Arena is subject to shelter-in-place guidelines for the State of California, Mendocino County, and Better Place Forests. As soon as we are able, we will open the forest to visitors and begin scheduling Memorial Ceremonies. We are happy to begin the planning process with you in advance of opening the forest.

When will a ceremony take place?

Better Place Forests purchases beautiful forest land and conserves it for future generations. We offer private memorial trees in a protected memorial conservation forest. Ashes are mixed with soil and returned to the base of the tree during a personalized memorial ceremony. A customized bronze memorial marker is placed at the tree marking the location. 

How does Better Place Forests work?

We would be happy to put you in touch with an Advisor who can tell you more about purchasing a memorial tree.

What if I don’t qualify but am interested in a memorial tree with Better Place Forests?

We are reviewing applications as quickly as possible and will aim to reach out to you within 48 hours of your submission. For those who qualify, we’ll answer any questions you have and discuss the details of selecting a memorial tree for your hero.

When and how will I be contacted?

We will need a death certificate and verification of your hero’s occupation and place of employment. The customer care team will review documentation requirements with you in detail on their call.

What documentation do you require?

When you come to this forest you leave here feeling better. You leave here feeling healed and nurtured and hopeful.

If you have land you would like to dedicate to the program, we’d love to be in touch. Fill out this form and a member of our real estate team will reach out.

Do you own forestland you’d like to dedicate to frontline heroes?

A more meaningful and affordable resting place

Not only is a traditional service roughly twice the cost, but youre very limited on what you get out of it.

Hear more about why Spencer chose Better Place Forests for his late wife, Sheila, in the video below.

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A final resting place worth talking about

Our customers choose Better Place Forests for deeply personal reasons: our stunning locations, a more personal memorial option or a beautiful place for loved ones to reflect. Many also comment on our caring team that is there every step of the way. Hear more straight from our customers.

A beautiful way to remember

Litchfield Hills is a beautiful 130-acre forest in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut just an hour from Hartford, two hours from New York City, and three hours from Boston.

This mountaintop property features gorgeous valley views of historic towns, peaceful farms, and rolling wooded hills. A seasonal creek flows peacefully through the property. Fall is unforgettable, when swaths of oak and maple produce a stunning display of fall colors.

re excited for people in the Northeast to enjoy our peaceful sanctuary, where families can create a new way to reflect and remember their loved ones.

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See why thousands of people have chosen trees, not tombstones

Better Place Forests offers a natural alternative to cemeteries. Your ashes are placed beneath a private tree in a peaceful forest where your loved ones can visit and remember you.

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The news is spreading

“A California company that aims to protect forests while inspiring people to leave a meaningful legacy for loved ones is coming to Connecticut.”

“Imagine a grave marker that’s 80 feet tall and changes color with the seasons.”

“As opposed to going to a cemetery and going back each year to grieve the loss of a loved one…going to a forest and being in that peaceful place, I think that’s a great idea.”

“It’s good for the environment, the location is more beautiful than a traditional graveyard, and it’s cheaper as well.”

Leave the earth, better

A natural alternative to cemeteries, located in the Northeast